Tour guide Sherry Spenzer takes us on a tour of Lake Shore Cemetery, and shares some stories a few of the people buried there.
Ann Ruby, Group Fitness Coordinator at EB Fitness Club, drops by the set of The Jackie-O Show to provide fitness tips and demonstrate simple moves that can help you get back into shape.
A regular meeting of the Avon Lake City Council.
Detective Robinson, from the Avon Lake Police Department, describes what a distraction burglary is, and provides tips on how to prevent them.
Avon Lake Regional Water's Community Outreach Specialist Elana West and Chief Utilities Executive Todd Danielson review the events of the Avon Lake Board of Municipal Utilities Meeting held on November 3, 2015.
Gerry Vogel and Jill Ralston of the Avon Lake Public Library preview the library's schedule of events for the month of November.
A Work Session followed by a Collective Committee Meeting of the Avon Lake City Council.
Officer Seekins discusses the dangers of distracted driving.
Held on October 17, 2015, The Trail of Haunted Tales is a kid-friendly Halloween story trail through the Kopf Family Reservation.
Avon Lake Police Officer Tom Anadiotis discusses tips for Safe Driving during Deer Season.
Liz Schultz, Oberlin Heritage Center
A regular meeting of the Avon Lake City Council.