Environmental Sub-Committees

Energy Efficiency

Mission Statement

The Energy Efficiency Team is committed to researching and educating the public of Avon Lake on ways to save energy, resources, the environment, and money.  This will be achieved through support of ongoing activities within the community through the Environmental Affairs Advisory Board.

Energy Calculator

FirstEnergy® offers an Online Energy Analyzer where customers can create a profile of their current household energy use, calculate the energy used by a variety of household appliances, and identify ways to reduce consumption and improve efficiency. For more information

Health Study

Mission Statement

Seek out and address
The health concerns
Under the
Direction of the citizens of
Your Avon Lake

Melanoma Prevention

Melanoma, or skin cancer, is another focus for the Environmental Affairs Advisory Board. Skin cancer can be prevented by following simple, common sense precautions such as wearing an appropriate sunscreen, keeping skin covered when outdoors, and limiting exposure to the sun. Children and adults should follow these precautions.
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Public Information/Public Education (P.I.P.E.)

Mission Statement:

The mission of the P.I.P.E. working group of the Avon Lake Environmental Affairs Advisory Board is to assist the Public Works Director in the development, communication, and implementation of the Avon Lake Public Involvement and Public Education Program.  This initiative is designed to increase community awareness of and compliance with Federal EPA directives to improve the quality of storm water runoff that feeds our streams, rivers, and lakes.  The specific actions of the P.I.P.E. working group is directed by the Public Works Director who has overall municipal responsibility for the P.I.P.E. program.

Waste & Recycling

Mission Statement

The HHW/Recycling working group is committed to increasing public awareness of the critical importance of proper household hazardous waste disposal and the facilities that will enable them to do so.

Hazardous Wastes

Household hazardous waste consists of materials that pose potential threats to people and the environment. These materials require special handling and should never be mixed with your regular trash or recycling. Hazardous waste items include paint thinners, pesticides, chlorine Bleach, pool chemicals and more. Lorain County Solid Waste Management District makes arrangements for collection of many items not picked up by Kimble such as car tires off the rims, paint, etc.  If you need to dispose of these materials please contact Lorain County Collection Center at 440-329-5440. The facility is located at 540 South Abbe Road, Elyria, OH 44035.


Mission Statement

The Wildlife working group is an as-necessary Environmental Affairs Advisory Board subcommittee.  This group completed a draft of a proposed Deer Management Program that was submitted to the Environmental Committee of City Council.

Management of Deer Population Ordinance

On July 14, 2014 City Council passed deer management legislation based on recommendations from the Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee, read the legislation.