Obtain a Permit to Solicit

Steps to Obtain Solicitor’s Permit

  1. Complete the on-line Solicitor’s Permit.
  2. Fill-out the application as well as upload a color photo. This photo should be similar to a passport photo, although you can use a photo that is taken by you or your company. The permit cannot be completed without the photo.
  3. Make sure you choose whether you want a yearly permit ($60) or a monthly permit ($15).
  4. After you submit the application, a background check will be performed by the Police Department, the signature of the City’s Safety Director will be obtained, and the permit will be produced. At that time, you will be contacted to pick up your permit at the Police Department, Safety Center, 32855 Walker Road, at which time you will make payment. Cash, check and money order are acceptable forms of payment.
  5. Please direct questions to (440) 933-4567 and ask to speak to the Records Clerk.