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Why is there a little pond in my neighborhood? 

You have probably seen a small pond in your neighborhood – especially if it is a relatively new neighborhood.  Why is it there and what does it do?

When it rains, the downfall soaks into grassy areas and woodlands.  But impermeable areas, covered by cement, asphalt, or even hardened soil, allow that rainfall to run off to somewhere.  Usually that is down the storm sewer drains in the street.  If it would rain heavily, or for an extended period of time, that water could back up in the streets and cause flooding.  In addition, rainwater collects pollutants such as motor oil and carries them directly into Lake Erie.  Storm water does not pass through a water filtration plant as sanitary sewer lines do. [more]

Excessive Amounts of Dried Leaves Can Pollute

Leaves left on the ground throughout the autumn season may seem like a mere annoyance to many people – nature's way of leaving a bit of a mess that takes everyone some time to clean up.

But the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency cautions that if not managed properly, those leaves on the ground or raked into piles can result in water pollution. [more]

The Care and Feeding of Deer

Everyone likes to watch deer, except when they are in your garden or in the path of your car. Therefore, we need to ensure that we are not contributing to the detriment of our local deer population.

The deer population has been growing each year yet their natural habitat has been shrinking due to continued urban development. That loss of habitat is forcing deer to encroach into our residential areas where they can find a vast assortment of enticing vegetation. [more]


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