Tree Lawn Sign Permit

The City of Avon Lake allows signs to be posted on city-owned right-of-ways (tree lawns) for individuals, groups, or entities that operate in and/or specifically benefit the community. These include, but are not limited to: Schools, non-profit groups, community organizations, chamber of commerce, humanitarian organizations, sports clubs and/or leagues.

NOTE: Commercial advertising promoting the sale of products or services and all business signs is NOT allowed on tree lawns.

Signs have the following restrictions:

    1. Maximum sign size is limited to 24" x 36"
    2. Signs are not permitted in front of City Hall, on City Hall property, below the "Welcome to Avon Lake" signs as you enter the city, or any city park
    3. Signs are allowed to be posted a maximum of 14 days, and must be removed no later than the day following the event
    4. Avon Lake events only

Signs without proper authorization will be removed.

In order to post signs on private property, please obtain permission from those entities (i.e. housing developments, etc).

Please submit all requests a minimum of 7 days prior to start date. All fields are REQUIRED.