Anchor Recreation Facility

Anchor Recreation Facility

The Anchor Recreation Facility
Sponsored by Avient®, the Anchor is located at 33483 Lake Road in Avon Lake.
Hours vary based on programming. Please call 440-930-4141 for information. 
For immediate assistance weekdays, call the Old Firehouse at 440-930-4135.

NEW! Morning Walking 
8:00am–9:00am Monday through Friday September 5 through May 31 (excludes holidays)

Use our facility for your morning walk. 18 laps is approximately equal to 1 mile.
Walking Membership $20 for 22 visits. 

Squeaky Sneakers 
9:00am–12:00pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday September 6 through May 24 (excludes holidays)
Blocks, balls,  mini roller coaster, climbing mountain, parachute, and more.
$2.00 per child / Squeaky Sneakers Membership $20.00 for 12 visits.

Birthday Parties
Saturdays after 4:00pm September 15 through May 18 (excludes holidays)
Hosts may bring in food and beverages, however, the facility has no means of refrigeration.
Inflatable bounce houses, etc. may be brought in at the host’s expense with prior notice.
Reservation requests must be made at least 72 hours in advance of your preferred date.
Please note: Two attendants will be on hand to assist and supervise activities, but, adult hosts must be present to maintain order and discipline.
$150.00 includes 1 hour & 45 minutes of party time for up to 20 party guests including court time for your chosen activity. An additional fee of $50.00 will charged for parties of more than 20 guests not to exceed 30 total guests).

Pickleball beginning October. Times to be determined.