Pole Banner Displays

The City of Avon Lake allows community organizations to hang banners on the 20 pole brackets located at multiple intersections throughout the city (see map). There is a two-step approval process - step one, the Mayor's office must approve the content and step two, the Digital Media Department must approve the design.

The content must meet the following requirements for approval from the Mayor's office:

  1. Messages must be considered to have city-wide appeal, and for the most part, pertain to activities open to the general public
  1. The following types of messages are prohibited:
    • Commercial advertising promoting the sale of products or services
    • Announcements promoting games of chance (i.e. bingo, raffles, etc.)
    • Political statements or campaign messages
    • Announcements promoting any religion or form of worship, religious opinion, or religious services
    • Messages the administration of the City of Avon Lake deem inappropriate
    • The same or similar community message may not be repeated within any three-month period
  1. Messages may be displayed a maximum of 21 days
  1. Avon Lake events only

The design must meet the following requirements for approval from the Digital Media Department:

  1. Content must be large enough to be read at a distance.
  1. There needs to be enough contrast between text colors and the background to read the text.
  1. Technical requirements are: 30" wide x 54" tall with a minimum of a 4" pocket on the top and bottom to mount. The banners must be vinyl, printed in color and two sided.

The city Service Department will hang a set of either 10 or 20 banners. We recommend obtaining approval from the Mayor’s office BEFORE creating your artwork and submitting it for final approval. Please submit all requests a minimum of 14 days prior to the event. Once the Public Works Department has received the banners, installation may take an ADDITIONAL 14 days depending on weather conditions and scheduling conflicts. We cannot guarantee installation without appropriate notice.


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