Do Not Knock Address List

These addresses have registered on the Do Not Knock Registry for No Soliciting/No Canvassing.

Acacia Court

Admirals Way

Albion Drive

Ambleside Drive

Anchors Weigh

Angela Lane

Aqua Marine Boulevard

Arborside Lane

Armour Road

Ashwood Drive

Aubrielle Avenue

Augusta Drive

Avon Belden Road

Avon Point Avenue

Balthazar Circle

Bay Hill Drive

Bayberry Court

Bayview Drive

Beachdale Drive

Beachwood Avenue

Beacon Court

Beck Road

Belfrey Court

Bellaire Road

Belle Road

Belmar Boulevard

Belmont Drive

Berkshire Road

Bexley Circle

Birchwood Lane

Bonnie View Drive

Bounty Way

Brandon Place

Breakers Boulevard

Brennans Court

Bridgeside Drive

Britannia Parkway

Brookcrest Place

Brookfield Road

Brookside Circle

Brookstone Court

Brownstone Circle

Brunswick Drive

Buckhead Court

Burton Street

Cambridge Circle

Campus Court

Canter Court

Canterbury Road

Capri Court

Captains Galley

Carriage Lane

Cascade Court

Cedarwood Road

Centennial Drive

Chancellor Court

Charleston Avenue

Chatham Drive

Chelsea Avenue

Cherry Lane

Chestnut Court

Cheyenne Falls

Clearbrook Drive

Community Drive

Coronado Circle

Cottonwood Court

Country Club Drive

Cove Avenue

Coveland Drive

Coventry Court

Cranberry Court

Creekside Drive

Crestmont Circle

Crestwood Drive

Crossings Way

Curtis Drive

Dakota Run

Danbury Lane

Deer Run Lane

Del Lane

Dellwood Road

Derby Way

Dorchester Drive

Driftwood Court

Drummond Drive

Drummond Road

Duff Drive

Edgewood Drive

Electric Boulevard

Englewood Street

English Turn

Evergreen Court

Fairfield Road

Fairport Drive

Fay Avenue

Finestera Lane

Firestone Drive

Forest Boulevard

Forest Hill Drive

Fox Chappel Lane

Fredericksberg Drive

Gable Lane

Glenview Drive

Gra Gull Drive

Greenbriar Drive

Greenwood Court

Greenwood Drive

Grove Street

Halle Court

Hampton Court

Harbor Court

Harvey Parkway

Hawthorne Court

Hazelwood Lane

Heron Bay

Herrmann Drive

Hickory Lane

Highland Avenue

Horseshoe Way

Hunt Club Way

Hyannis Port Drive

Inwood Boulevard

Jaeger Court

James Circle

Jamestown Parkway

Jaycox Road

Jockeys Circle

Kossuth Drive

Lake Road

Lakeside Drive

Lakeview Drive

Lakewood Drive

Landerwood Lane

Landings Way

Lear Road

Leeward Court

Legacy Pointe Parkway

Legends Row

Liberty Rose Drive

Linsberry Court

Long Cove

Long Pointe Drive

Lookout Court

Marbrook Lane

Margie Lane

Mariners Court

Maritime Court

Masters Lane

Meridian Court

Miller Road

Mitchell Court

Monaco Place

Monticello Drive

Moore Road

Mooreland Drive

Moorewood Avenue

Mulberry Lane

Mull Avenue

Murfield Drive

Nantucket Drive

Newbury Drive

Newport Court

Nolita Circle

Norman Avenue

Oakmont Drive

Oakwood Drive

Orchard Park Drive

Park Place

Parkside Drive

Parkview Drive

Parkwood Avenue

Parsons Drive

Pebblebrook Court

Pinehurst Drive

Pondside Drive

Quail Hollow Circle

Rachel Lane

Rebecca Lane

Redwood Boulevard

Regatta Drive

Regency Court

Rice Park

Richland Drive

Rockwood Court

Rosewood Drive

Sailors Cove

Sawgrass Circle

Sawmill Drive

Schiller Court

Schooner Court

Seaward Way

Seneca Court

Shelly Court

Sorrento Lane

South Point

South Point Drive

Spinnaker Drive

Starboard Cove

Stoney Brook Drive

Stowaway Cove

Sunset Road

Surrey Lane

Sycamore Circle

Tanglewood Court

Teasel Court


Titus Hill Lane

Tomahawk Drive

Tournament Drive

Tradewinds Drive

Treeside Lane

Turnberry Court

Vanda Avenue

Ventanas Circle

Vinewood Drive

Vinewood Oval

Vineyard Road

Vintage Pointe

Walker Road

Waterberry Court

Waterford Court

Waterside Drive

Waterview Court

Webber Road

Wedgewood Drive

Wellesley Circle

West Creek Court

Westbrooke Circle

Westporte Place

Westwind Drive

Whitaker Cove

Wildberry Circle

Williamsburg Drive

Willow Circle

Windward Way

Winners Circle

Woodbridge Way

Woodfield Drive

Woodside Circle

Woodstock Avenue

Yoder Boulevard

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