Election Signage Standards

Sign Information per Code Section 1236.11 – Temporary Signs

Temporary Signage

  • The maximum height of temporary signs shall be four feet.
  • Up to 36 square feet of aggregate sign area with a noncommercial message shall be permitted on any single lot.
  • The maximum sign area of any individual sign with a noncommercial message shall be six square feet.
  • There shall be a maximum of two faces to the sign, mounted back-to-back.

Applicable Standards

  • Temporary signs shall not be mounted, attached, affixed, installed, or otherwise secured in a manner that will make the sign a permanent sign.
  • No temporary sign shall be mounted, attached, affixed, installed, or otherwise secured to protrude above the roofline of a structure.
  • Temporary signs shall not be posted in any place or in any manner that is destructive to public property including, but not limited to, rights-of-way, utility poles, public trees, etc.
  • Temporary signs shall not be illuminated.
  • No temporary sign shall require a foundation, support, wiring, fittings, or elements that would traditionally require a building permit or electrical permit.
  • Temporary signs shall not be affixed to any permanent sign or permanent structure except when a banner sign is permitted to cover a permanent sign in accordance with Section 1236.11(d)(3) or when such sign is attached to the principal building as permitted in this chapter.
    • Unless otherwise specifically stated, there shall be no maximum number of banner signs provided the aggregate total square footage of all banner signs does not exceed the maximum sign area allowed in this section.
    • Banner signs may be attached to a building, fence, or other similar structure. A banner sign attached to posts and mounted in a yard or landscaped area shall be regulated as a temporary yard sign.
    • The maximum height standard for temporary signs shall not apply to a banner sign but such signs shall not be mounted in a manner that extends above the roofline of a building or the top of the structure on which it is mounted.
  • No streamers, spinning, flashing, windblown devices or similarly moving devices shall be allowed as part of or attachments to temporary signs.
  • All temporary signs shall be secured in such a manner as to prevent swinging or other significantly noticeable movement resulting from the wind that could pose a danger to people, vehicles or structures.
  • Mobile signs on wheels, runners, casters, parked trailers, parked vehicles or other temporary or movable signs shall not be permitted unless otherwise specifically stated in this chapter.
  • Because of the nature of materials typically used to construct temporary signs and to avoid the unsightliness of deteriorating signs and all safety concerns which accompany such a condition, temporary signs shall be removed or replaced when such sign is deteriorated.