Historical Preservation - About the Commission


There shall be a comprehensive plan for historic preservation to promote the use and conservation of historic resources for the education, inspiration, pleasure and enrichment of the citizens of Avon Lake in a spirit of trust for all future generations.


The Avon Lake Historic Preservation Commission shall provide leadership in preserving, restoring and maintaining historic resources through activities, plans and programs that support the preservation and enhancement of these resources.


The purpose of the Avon Lake Historic Preservation Plan is to outline goals and initiatives for the identification and protection of historic buildings, districts and sites in our community. It is also the intention of this plan to honor the memory of historically important citizens of Avon Lake and to identify the accomplishments of our industrial, farming and recreational enterprises. It is essential that we perpetuate these resources in order to maintain a strong, vibrant community whose character, quality of life, and long-term economic well-being will continue to grow and evolve.

Executive Statement

The City of Avon Lake’s historic and cultural resources span our state’s history, ranging from the area’s local American Indian tribes to the settlement of the Western Reserve, from the War of 1812 through the Civil War, from the post-bellum era of urban growth, to the area’s suburbanization during the 20th century. Our city has a life that has already spanned 200 years and it contains many local residents who can trace their ancestry back many generations within the boundaries of Avon Lake. Each generation has left a legacy which has enriched our City and our culture. For this reason, we have created a preservation plan for the City of Avon Lake.