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Message from the Mayor




David Covell called to inform me that we have another positive case. A 42 year old male is recovering at home. This is our 16th person to have been tested positive. It is important to observe the protocol: wash your hands, observe the six foot rule, cover your mouth if you need to sneeze or cough and limit your trips to essential ones.





Commissioner David Covell called and informed me that we have two more residents who have tested positive for the coronavirus. I am sorry to inform you that an 82 year old female went to the hospital and, while she was being tested, died from the virus. Our hearts go out to her family. A second female aged 42 tested positive and she is being treated at home. Her case appears to be mild. Both individuals were not transported by our EMS team.

The total is now 14. Keep in mind that there are other residents who have the symptoms of the virus, and under doctor’s care, have been told to quarantine themselves and have not been tested. Commissioner Covell in a statement posted on our website has argued that keeping a total based on zip code creates a false sense of security in other areas that have a lower count. It can be very dangerous to assume that they are in less danger of coming down with the virus. Again, wash your hands, maintain a six foot social distance, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze and limit your activity outside the home.     

We will get through this.





We have had another person test positive for the coronavirus. I received a call from David Covell today and he said that it is a woman in her 40’s and is a family member of a previous case. She is in quarantine at home and has a mild case. We now have 12 cases in the community. Please advise residents to limit their activities to essential trips outside the home, maintain a safe social distance of six feet or more, wash hands frequently, etc.



I just got off the phone with commissioner David Covell of Lorain County Public Health. He informed me that we have three new cases, all females. They are ages 29, 67, and 47. All are in quarantine at home. This brings our number of residents who tested positive to 11. One is in the hospital.



After consulting with several members of the administrative team, I have ordered the public works department to close additional areas in our parks. We were hoping that some facilities or areas could stay open as our residents need places to go to get exercise. However, it has become apparent that a warm day like yesterday will bring out large numbers of residents (and non-residents) and one of the fundamental rules that has been implemented by the governor is not being complied with. People are not staying at least six feet apart. This puts us all in jeopardy.

For the safety of our residents the following  facilities are closed:

Keep in mind that the parks are still open. Residents are encouraged to get out and walk or run as long as they comply with the six foot rule. The pavilions are still open and may be used if all safety rules are followed. The restrooms are still closed. Communities in the area that may have already opened their restrooms are closing them for the duration.

I talked to superintendent Scott this morning and he is implementing changes in the use of school facilities as well.

We will be evaluating the use of our facilities on a regular basis and will make additional changes if it is warranted.



I was informed by health commissioner, David Covell, this afternoon that another resident has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The man is in his 90’s and is the eighth person from Avon Lake who has tested positive. This resident has been hospitalized.



Police Chief Duane Streator has informed me that a second police officer has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The officer works as a patrol officer and was tested for symptoms. He is at home and in quarantine. It is important to note that the officer is not an Avon Lake resident and will not change our count of the number of people who have tested positive. Our count remains at seven. He will be counted in the municipality in which he resides. 



We have two more persons who have tested positive for the Coronavirus. Once again, I don’t know the gender nor the ages. And, once again, the names and addresses are not released to the public. The first two cases will soon be coming off the list as they are in their 11th day.  We will be notified when that happens.

Residents are once again reminded to wash their hands, comply with the social distancing rule of six feet, clean common surfaces regularly and minimize activity outside of your home. And take your temperature daily especially if you are going into work at an essential business.






The Lorain County Health Commissioner, David Covell, informed Mayor Zilka that there are five cases of COVID-19 in Avon Lake as of today. The first case was reported on Wednesday. All five are in quarantine at home and each case has been vetted by the health department to determine if anyone they may have been in contact with needs to be sequestered. This process has been completed based on the the Center for Disease Control guidelines.

Residents are advised to follow the advice of the county health department and the state of Ohio Department of Health to restrict contact with others, wash their hands and sanitize their immediate surroundings. Follow the governor’s order to stay at home from work beginning Tuesday unless involved in an essential business.

The mayor has been in regular contact with health commissioner Covell and will participate in a conference call with Mr. Covell and mayors from Lorain County at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. He will address the residents of Avon Lake tomorrow in a taped message that will be posted in the city’s website sometime in the afternoon.


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