Designated Dogs

The City of Avon Lake currently has one dog designated as "Vicious", five dogs designated as "Dangerous", and one dog designated as "Nuisance". Photos of the dogs, their description, location and designation are below.

Name: Butterscotch

Breed: Terrier Mix

Location: 118 Harvey Parkway

Designation: Vicious - Bit a Woman Causing Serious Harm 7-13-2017



Name: Captain Marvel

Breed: German Shepherd

Location: 33074 Electric Blvd

Designation: Dangerous - Bit a male several times causing him harm 10/26/2020



Name: Rory

Breed: Pit Mix

Location: 565 Avon Belden Road

Designation: Dangerous - Bit a woman 8/21/2020, Bit a woman 9/12/2020



Name: Cali

Breed: Akita

Location: 188 Forest Hill

Designation: Dangerous - Bit another dog 10-23-2019


Name: Sophia

Breed: German Shepherd

Location: 32314 Monaco Place

Designation: Dangerous - Bit a juvenile 6-11-2019



Name: Honey

Breed: Pitbull Mix

Location: 129 Avon Belden Road

Designation: Dangerous - Bit another dog 4-30-2018



Name: Cardi

Breed: Pitbull

Location: 531 Brookstone Court

Designation: Nuisance - Acting aggressively 6-12-2019



***Updated 04/26/2021***