Avon Lake's Refuse, Recycling & Yard Waste Program



Kimble Customer Service

All residences are automatically set-up to receive the 96-gallon cart service. If you would rather have the 64-gallon or unlimited service, please contact Kimble Customer Service at 1-800-201-0005 or at www.KimbleCompanies.com. Customer Service Center phone hours are Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM and Saturday 7:00 PM to 12:00 PM. If you want to opt-out of trash collect service please fill-out this form and send it to Kimble.


Collection Guidelines

Recycling and refuse materials will be picked up on the day (indicated on map below or on this list), except when a holiday falls on the regular pick-up day (please see list of holidays below), when recycling and refuse materials will be delayed by one day. For weather-delay alerts, please refer to the service bar at the top of their website www.KimbleCompanies.com or visit their Facebook page. Please do not jam items into or overload carts.

Holidays That Affect Collections

Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
New Year's Day
There is no refuse or recycling service on these days. All service will be delayed one day.

Time of Collection

To ensure your refuse and recycling are collected, please place your carts at curb by 7:00 AM.  Carts may be placed out on the tree lawn after 5:00 PM the day before pick-up and should be removed within 24 hours of pickup.

Container Placement

The wheeled carts are designed to work with automated collection trucks so proper placement is important. Carts should be within 2-3 feet of the street with the handle facing away from the curb and at least 3 feet from other carts, mailboxes, trees, or other obstacles. This allows drivers to service their customers in a safe and efficient manner.

Please place refuse and recycling carts on the tree lawn or in your driveway only. Even in the event of snow, carts placed in the street create a problem for city snow plows.


PSA: Trash Container Placement Information from Avon Lake Community Television on Vimeo.


Refuse Guidelines

The weekly collection DOES NOT include tires, batteries, automotive/truck parts, paint, oil, fluorescent bulbs, gas cans, propane tanks, hazardous/infectious waste, flammable liquids, and any waste prohibited from disposal in a municipal solid waste landfill.

Lorain County Solid Waste Management District makes arrangements for collection of many items not accepted such as car tires off the rims, paint, etc. If you need to dispose of these materials, please contact Lorain County Collection Center at 440-329-5440. The facility is located at 540 South Abbe Road, Elyria, Ohio 44035. Open Center hours: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM Monday and Wednesday, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM on Saturdays. Lorain County Collection Center website.

Since Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs) contain a very small amount of mercury, they should not be disposed of in your usual refuse bin. The following stores will properly dispose of CFLs:

Avon Lowe's, 1445 Center Rd, Avon, OH 44011 (440) 937-3500

Avon Home Depot, 35930 Detroit Rd, Avon, OH 44011 (440) 937-2240

For more information, please visit Avon Lake's Environmental Affairs Advisory Board page, by clicking HERE.

NOTE: Please do not jam items into cart or overload container. Recycling carts containing refuse will not be emptied and will be tagged to notify the resident of improper use.


Bulk and Excess Trash Guidelines

Each residence will be allowed to place up to 2 cubic yards (6 feet wide, 3 feet high and 3 feet depth - the size of a standard bed pickup truck) of bulk and excess trash out for collection one time in a calendar month on their regular scheduled collection day. If a residence needs more than the one-time bulk service in a calendar month, the items will be picked up and the residence will be charged. All trucks are equipped with a computer to track the individual bulk pickups. Extra services will be charged based on the "Large and Extra Items Rate" page. Appliances containing Freon must have the Freon removed and the unit tagged by a qualified technician. Residence subscribing to unlimited service can set out up to 2 cubic yards of bulky and excess items on each regularly scheduled collection day at no additional charge.


Avon Lake Recycling Services

When it comes to waste removal in Avon Lake, we take pride in our ability to plan for the needs of our residents today – as well as prepare for the future. Our waste management services include extensive programs for curbside recycling.

Did you know: When you recycle, you help fund programs throughout our city? Avon Lake receives grants from the state based on how much our residents recycle. In the past, we’ve used these grants to fund key initiatives, like park benches, picnic tables and welcome signs.

Curbside Recycling

Weekly recycling pickup helps us cut down on landfill waste. In fact, recycling a ton of plastic saves the energy equivalent of 1,500 gallons of gasoline!

Every resident receives a complimentary recycling cart. Here’s how to use it:

Additional Recycling Services within Lorain County

Looking for a place to recycle those items not collected during your normal curb-side recycling pickup (plastics marked #1-7, steel/bimetal cans, paperback and hardback books)? Simply place these items in a box or bag and drop them off inside the Lorain County Collection Center during normal business hours at 540 S. Abbe Road, Elyria, Ohio 44035. For more information, contact the District at 440-329-5440. For a complete list of materials accepted at the Lorain County Collection Center, please click HERE.

Best Buy Offers Recycling for Electronic Accessories

Every Best Buy store, including the Avon store at 1600 Center Road, offers recycling kiosks inside the front doors. You can drop off rechargeable batteries, wires, cords, cables and plastic bags. Please visit https://www.bestbuy.com/site/services/recycling/ or call (440) 937-3202 for more information.

Recycle Clothing and Housewares at Your Curb with Simple Recycling

The average person throws away 68 lbs. of clothing per year. Clothing and housewares account for approximately 10% of the municipal waste stream -- and 85% of clothing does not get recycled or donated, it gets trashed. Simple Recycling allows Avon Lake residents to recycle clothing and housewares for free at the curb.  Please call 866-835-5068 to schedule a donation pick-up or request additional bags.  A list of acceptable items to donate can be found HERE.  For more information, please visit simplerecycling.com.

Recycle your Broken Christmas Lights/String Lights

Instead of throwing those broken Christmas lights/string lights in the garbage, take them to the Lorain County Collection Center or the Avon Lowe’s Home Improvement at 1445 Center Road.

Waste Management Tips


Yard Waste Guidelines

Residents should use bio-degradable paper lawn bags or personal containers that are 33 gallons or less. Tree trimmings, brush and other vegetation that are bundled with twine will be accepted for collection as yard waste. Tree trimmings and other vegetation must be less than 6 inches in diameter and not exceed 4 feet in length. Bags, containers, and bundled yard waste cannot exceed 50 pounds. Personal containers need to be plainly labeled with "YW" so drivers can distinguish that contents are yard waste.


Branch & Brush Pick-up

All grass clippings and other yard waste must be put at the curb in brown paper bags not to exceed 50 pounds. Residents may use their old trash cans by labeling them “Yard Waste” as an alternative to brown paper bags. Just like the brown paper bags, the trash cans must not exceed 50 pounds.  Brush and small tree trimmings must be cut, bundled and securely tied not exceeding four feet in length, or 50 pounds. The bundled brush and branches can then be placed at the curb with refuse carts. Landscapers and tree services are responsible for removal of any yard waste they generate while working at a residence.

Christmas trees will be collected the first and second full weeks of January. Ornaments, tinsel, etc. must be removed from the tree. Trees that are taller than six feet must be cut in half.

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