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These are the official Twitter pages of the City of Avon Lake, Ohio. The purpose of these pages are to provide residents with news and information items regarding the City and its events and to provide residents with a means to respond or comment on such news and information items consistent with the City’s goal of providing better service to the community.

Couple of things:
These pages welcomes the posting of comments relating to City operations or functions discussed in the City’s original posting on a topic.

These pages do not welcome and may remove the posting of any comment beyond those stated above, including but not limited to: postings for the endorsement of products or services, for advertising, or marketing; postings for the solicitations for donations except for City sponsored activities; postings that violate the Twitter's Terms of Use or Community Standards; postings and comments that are off-topic or not germane to the discussion; repeated posting of comments (i.e. “spamming”); and comments including links to third-party sites.

These pages are not designed for and should not be used for requesting services or information from a City department. Such requests should be made directly to the appropriate City department at for follow up.  

These pages caution all users of these pages that the posting of a comment by a poster does not imply that the City of Avon Lake, its elected or appointed officials or employees endorse or agree with such poster’s comment.

And, finally, these pages are offered on the condition that any user of the pages and any poster of a comment on the pages by his or her use or posting accepts and will abide by the terms of this policy, which may be revised by the City in its sole discretion at any time.

This page is only managed during city business hours.